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Take document signing and archiving to the next level with Visma Sign digital signature service.

Control your contract traffic

Scalable digital signature service

Visma Sign scales and adapts to your needs. You can use it as an efficient digital signature service, handle all of your organisation’s documents digitally and archive them reliably. You can also create electronic forms for your company, all at once. You no longer need to deal with paper documents.

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Visma Sign users

Over 40 000

organizations are using Visma Sign.

89 %

of the invitations sent via Visma Sign are signed within 24 hours.

What is a digital signature?

If you need to sign a document, it is easier to sign it digitally. Visma Sign is perfect for signing commercial contracts and agreements, work contracts, meeting minutes, mandates and other legally binding contracts.

Share a document

Upload and send a document to be signed. You can invite people to sign via email and/or an SMS. You can also integrate the service to be part of your electronic business processes.

Identify the signers

Visma Sign checks the signers’ identities with either online banking codes or MobileIDs (strong identification). Signature can also be drawn to the desktop or mobile device.

Collect the signatures

Each person can sign the document easily and quickly. In addition, each party automatically receives a copy of the document.

Digital signature as apart of a growing business

Integrate the digital signature

Make your business more efficient with Visma Sign or make digital signing a selling point for your company’s customer experience. You can integrate Visma Sign into your current CRM or ERP solution or your current digital service process.

Visma Sign API

Signing with Visma Sign

Have you received an invitation to sign?

You have received an invitation to your email to sign a document digitally. Digitally signed documents are as legally binding as those written with pen and paper. Signing a document is completely free for you.

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We changed our traditional insurance notice handling into a digital process. Our two-week processing time changed to one day. Expenses dropped to 5% of the cost of the paper process while reducing errors. But the most important thing was that our customers have experienced Visma Sign to be easy to use.

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