Adiministrative solutions with Visma Sign

Fix your administrative routines and make your decision-making processes more agile.

How much time and costs could you save?

How much time could you save in administrative routines, such as collecting signatures on important documents?

Paperwork takes up a surprising number of hours. It also forms a bottleneck in decision-making if a key person cannot be reached. In the worst case, this could cause unnecessary costs.

Process contracts and make decisions faster

The company’s key people, required to make the most important decisions, may be difficult to reach. Update your decision-making to meet modern demands and handle contracts and documents via digital signatures. You can reach the recipients with an e-mail or SMS invitation, regardless of time and place. According to our statistics, 89% of the documents sent via Visma Sign are signed within 24 hours.

Each document is traceable and stored in an archive. You can also monitor the signing process in real time and set the order in which the document should be signed. Read more about the features.

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Digital archive

All documents within your reach

When all of your company’s documents are signed with Visma Sign, the documents are always available in the service’s digital document archives. You can easily check all documents and attachments related to contracts and decisions in one place and avoid having to read through paper folders.

Process your documents with Visma Sign

Shareholder’s meetings

Handle shareholder’s meetings remotely without needing to mail and scan the minutes or send them out to each party, who may be located in different parts of the country.

Financial statements

Digitally signed financial statements can be stored and transferred into financial management systems without printing or scanning.

Board meetings

Save your board members’ time and sign meeting minutes digitally. Previous minutes can be easily found in the digital archives.


Authorise the necessary people quickly, even if they are on the other side of the country. Upload and send a document to be signed. After signing, the mandate is legally binding.

Partner contracts

Complete partner contracts efficiently. You can find all related documents in one place.


Get the right people to immediately approve your company’s most important procurements.

Do you want to make your administrative processes more efficient?

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