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Digital signing can save up to 90% of time and costs compared to signing documents in a traditional way.
There are several ways to use Visma Sign. You can choose how you want to use Visma Sign in a way that benefits your business.

Digital signing enabled our customers to use strong identification and approve our terms of service immediately when using the online doctor’s consultations at eLääkä and the instant renewal of prescriptions. In the future, we will also use digital signatures in contracts made via a remote connection.

Martin Veski, E-Lääkäri 247

Visma Sign Features

Strong identification

Strong identification means that signer’s identity is confirmed either with online banking codes or MobileID’s and is always recommended if possible. Strong identification with Visma Sign works in Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark.

Light authentication

With light authentication the signer draws the signature with a desktop or mobile device. Light authentication is a flexible option to collect signatures and also works in all countries without banking codes/MobileID.

Mass function

Send a document to multiple recipients to be signed at one go. All signers receive their own copy of the same document and you can follow their signing progress.


The signature service is easy to integrate into any online service or software.

Digital archive

After the document has been signed, it will be stored in the digital archives of the signers and the inviter for 7 years. No more lost documents.

Specific access rights

You can edit the folder structures of the service and define access rights according to your company’s needs.

SMS notifications

The invitation to sign can also be sent via SMS in addition to e-mail. With confidential documents, the password can be sent separately via SMS.

Message templates and mailing lists

Ready-made message templates make it faster to send the invitations. You can also create and save ready-made mailings lists.

digital archives

Handle documents throughout several organisations

With Visma Sign, you can sign and control your company’s documents digitally throughout several organisations. You can freely create user groups and categorise materials and access permissions by folder. You can also administer the Visma Sign accounts of several companies – for example the accounts of your group and the accounting firm, the housing management company or the software company used by your company.

Together with our partners, we have experience in document handling solutions for large organisations. Contact us for more information.

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Digital signing internationally

The users of Visma Sign can sign documents with strong identification (local BankID/NemID codes) in Finland, Norway, Sweden and Denmark. However it is possible to also sign documents globally with light authentication. A single document can be signed by people from several countries. The price of the service will be the same regardless of the country where the document is signed.

The online service is available in Finnish, English, Swedish, Norwegian and Danish.

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