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A digital signature is a legally binding way to sign documents. The signers, signing time and the signed content can always be indisputably verified.

Legally binding, secure and reliable way to sign documents

Visma Sign always uses strong identification in document signing. With a digitally signed document, it can always be indisputably verified who signed a document, when they signed it and what they signed. The EU directive and Nordic legislations have both decreed digital signatures to be legally binding. We support OpenID standard.

Strong identification

Visma Sign uses online banking codes and MobileID for identification. Strong identification is the best option from a legal point of view, as it can always be validated afterwards.

Audit trail

Each document and signature is traceable. You can always see who has signed what, and whose signatures are missing. You can also ask users to confirm they have read the document in question.

Digital archive

Visma Sign includes digital archives where you can edit the folder structure to suit your needs. You can find all your documents quickly and easily.

Secure service

Secure data storage

Visma Sign can be used to process and manage sensitive information reliably. The service is used by several insurance companies, banks, financing companies, healthcare organisations and other companies and organisations that require a high level of data security and protection.


  • Is a digital signature as legally binding as a traditional signature?

    Yes, it is. The European eIDAS directive and national legislation form a legal basis for digital signing.

    Digital signing is more secure and reliable than signing on paper. Each signer is identified through strong identification, and the document cannot be changed afterwards without you noticing.

  • Can a digital signature be used as evidence in a civil or criminal case?

    Yes, it can. Both in civil and criminal cases, a digitally signed document is irrefutable evidence of the legal transaction that has transpired, and between whom and when it transpired.

    If you need to use a digitally signed document as proof, you can contact our customer service for further instructions: [email protected]

  • How we collect and store data in the service

    The Visma Sign service processes data in accordance with the service's file description.

    Read more: https://vismasign.com/download/visma_sign-privacy_policy.pdf

  • For how long will the documents be stored in the system?

    The information will be stored in the service's digital archives for 7 years without additional cost.

  • How will I know that Visma Sign's data security is up-to-date?

    The Visma Sign service is developed through professional methods and technologies.

    The service's data security is audited regularly by an external auditor.