HR solutions with Visma Sign

Handle employment documents efficiently with a single service.

Effortless and modern HR processes

With Visma Sign, you minimise paperwork and free up resources to focus on the core aspect of HR: recruiting new talents and developing the personnel’s competence. For example, you can get an employment contract signed at once by inviting all parties to sign the document digitally. If you wish, you can also define who should sign the document first.

All of the data is secure in the digital archives, safely behind reading permissions defined by you.

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Digitalise your HR documents

Handle the signing of HR-related documents flexibly and confirm contracts without any extra effort, regardless of physical distances. After signing, both the employee and employer can easily find the contracts.

Employment contracts

Sign documents flexibly and confirm your new employment contract without any extra effort. After signing, both the employee and employer can easily find the contract.

Testimonials of service

Grant a testimonial of service to your employee digitally. The employee will have a copy of the testimonial in the digital archives, and the company does not need to print and mail the document.

Notices of termination

Handle the signatures related to dismissing an employee effortlessly.

With Visma Sign, you can easily handle individual personnel-related contracts between an employee and employer.

Typical contracts include agreements related to remote work, family leaves and holidays.

Manage documents from one place

When you sign all of your documents with Visma Sign, they will always be available. You can create a folder structure that suits your company and define the access rights for the related key people for each folder.

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