Digital signature 101

Digital signature is a modern, legally binding way to digitalise the signing of contracts and documents. Visma Sign is a reliable tool for creating, sending, signing and archiving your company’s most important documents.

Why go digital?
How to identify a securely signed document?
Who benefits from Visma Sign?

Easy as 1-2-3

Create and send documents

Sending invitations for signing is easy. With Visma Sign you can send the invitations by email or sms.


The signers identify themselves by using banking codes or MobileID. For signers located outside the Nordics, there is also a light authentication available.


Digital signing is easy and efficient. Signed documents are saved in the Visma Sign archive, where all parties can browse the documents they have signed.

Why go digital?

Digital signature enables reliable signing of documents – wherever, whenever. Thanks to the audit trail, digital signature is even more reliable than its ancient cousins – pen and paper. Every event related to the signature leaves a digital trace and the documents can’t be modified after the signature has been given.


89% of documents are signed within 24 hours of the request. Digital signature enables signing documents whenever, wherever.


Digital signature is a completely secure method for signing documents. The signer, time of the signature and the signed content are indisputably verifiable afterwards.

Cost efficient

Digital signature saves you 90% of the time and costs related to the signing process. It eliminates the need for printing, scanning and physical archiving.

Environmentally friendly

With Visma Sign, your documents can stay digital throughout their lifespan. This reduces the load on nature and the amount of office space covered by paper and shelves.

How to identify a securely signed document


Digital signature is more secure than a traditional signature because it leaves a digital trace called an audit trail. The audit trail enables indisputable verification of the originality and integrity of the document.

From the audit trail, the sender of the invitation can check the key information of the document; the IP-addresses of the signers and the timestamps of the signature.

In Visma Sign the signatures are compounded to the document and each page is stamped with the information of the audit trail as well as the unique document verification code. This code enables verification of the document afterwards.

Audit trail stamp

The authenticability of the signer’s identity is a key factor in the legitimacy of digital signature. In Visma Sign the verification depends on the chosen method of authentication.

In strong authentication (also called two-factor authentication) the identity is authenticated through a third party with banking codes or mobile ID.

In the signed document, the names and timestamps of the signers are visible in the signature, as well as information on which country’s authentication method was used.

Digital signature with a strong authentication

The originality and integrity of a digitally signed document can be verified by anybody. This happens by checking the signers of the documents as well as the time and place of signing. Through verification it can also be confirmed that the document has not been modified after signature.

You can use Visma Sign or Adobe Reader to check your document by using the verification code.

Two identification methods – what’s the difference?

With Visma Sign, the collector of the signatures determines whether the document requires a strong or light authentication. By standard we recommend using the strong authentication. However, it is not always possible. For these cases we also offer a light authentication.

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  • Strong authentication

    Strong authentication uses a third party, such as banking codes or mobile ID, to confirm the identity. In a sign document, the names, timestamps and information on which country’s authentication method were used in the signature event are visible. By standard we recommend using the strong authentication always but especially in events when the signer isn’t known personally or when a signature confirms a financial commitment.

    Digital signature with a strong authentication

  • Does the authentication method affect the legal binding force of the signature?

    No. Digital signature is a completely legally binding and secure way of signing documents and defined by EU-directives. Every document and signature is traceable through audit trail.

  • Light authentication

    Some situations - such as internal processes within an organisation - do not require strong authentication. In the light authentication process the signer draws their signature in the signature field digitally. Since strong authentication is possible only using nordic (excl. Iceland) mobile ID’s or banking codes, the light authentication comes in handy when the signer is located outside the Nordics.

    Lightly authenticated signatures are also verifiable afterwards. In the signed document the digital signature, printed name, email address and IP-address of the signer are visible.

    Digital signature with a light authentication

  • Are digital signatures legally as strong as traditional signatures?

    Yes. Digital signature is a completely legally binding and secure way of signing documents and supported by EU-legislation. Digital signatures are even more secure than traditional signatures because the integrity and originality of each document can be confirmed.

Who benefits from Visma Sign

  • Administration and financial department
    • Financial statements and meeting documents
    • Power of attorney (POA)
    • Procurement
  • Sales and marketing
    • Sales agreements
    • Partnership agreements
    • Billing contracts
    • Online sales
  • Corporate management
    • Board meetings, general meetings
    • Partnership agreements
    • Key acquisitions
  • Human resources
    • Contracts of employment
    • Employment certificates
    • Telework and holiday agreements
    • Notices of termination
  • Your customers

    Digital services streamline and improve your customer experience. Terminate the need to visit an office or to send documents by mail and save your customer's time, effort and money.


Create and send documents
Create webforms
Digital archive

Create and send documents for digital signature

Create, send and administer your documents in one service. Signing can be done with any smart device and 89% of signature requests are fulfilled within 24 hours. Signing up is easy and fast – you can start collecting signatures in 5 minutes!

Create webforms

Did you know that you can create signable webforms with the built-in webform editor on Visma Sign? The form can be embedded to your company’s website or online store. This way, your customer can fill all the information you need and confirm their order with a digital signature. This way the identity of the customer is confirmed on submission of the form.

Signable webforms are part of Visma Sign service by default without any extra payment

Integrate to your service

Improve the user experience of your service or application by enabling digital signatures. Integrating Visma Sign to your system is simple. During the integration process, you have the support of our integration experts who are there to make sure everything goes smoothly. There are also over 30 ready-to-use software integrations for Visma Sign.

We would gladly tell you more about integrating Visma Sign. Just leave a contact request and our experts will get in touch with you!

Archive your most important documents

All documents signed with Visma Sign are saved in a digital archive. The Visma Sign archive is a powerful tool for document management. When all signatures are collected digitally the documents are saved in a digital form.

All documents are archived in appointed folders which makes it easy to manage them after signature. Different access levels can be appointed to users of an account. This way you can make sure that the users of an account only have access to the folders they need.

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