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Getting started

How to start using Visma Sign

Beginning the use of the signature service is easy. Below, you can find the instructions for everything from customising the service to inviting users.

Customise the service

You can customise the appearance of the service with the logo and colours of your organisation. You can customise the service by selecting Settings – Organisation – My organisation – Edit.

The logo is visible to the signers in the upper left corner throughout the signing process.

Folders and document management

You can organise documents into folders any way you wish. Using folders makes it easier to use the service, particularly when there are a lot of documents to manage. For example, you can name the folders according to document type or context.

You can create folders via Settings – New folder.
Remember to set each folder’s administration and reading permissions for the user groups of your choice.

Access rights

You can set different access rights to different users even before you send the invitations to the service. You can set the access rights in Settings > User groups. You can choose if a user in a specific group is a main user, an administrator of a specific folder or a reader of a specific folder. We recommend you pre-create groups for each purpose: such as separate groups for management, sales, HR, etc.

Once you have created the necessary user groups and defined their access rights, you can invite the users to use the service.

Invite the users via Settings > Users. When inviting a person, you will also decide which group they will be in.

Inviting users

New users are invited by adding their e-mail addresses to the service and sending the invitation. At the same time, you need to define a user role for each user so that the service knows what each user is allowed to do.

You can add new users via Settings – Organisation – Users – Add a new user. The new user will receive an e-mail invitation, and they will confirm their access to the service and create a password by following the instructions in the e-mail.

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