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Getting started

Sending an invitation to sign

Below you can see the step-by-step guide of sending a signature.

Adding a document

Open the invitation view by selecting New document in the service menu. Add a document by selecting a file to be added, name it appropriately and select a folder where you want to save the document.

You can define the steps of the signature process. You can choose who signs the document first and if you will sign the document yourself or if you want signatures on an organisational level, meaning that the signatures will also contain the signer’s organisation and information about their right to represent the organisation.

Selecting the signers

You can define the people you want to sign the document under Signers when adding a document. Add signers by entering their e-mail addresses for an e-mail invitation and/or their phone numbers for an SMS invitation. Sending an SMS invitation makes it faster to obtain the signatures.

From the options, you can choose if you want to send the invitation via email, SMS or both. You can also add a message and define how long the invitation will be open.

When you have set everything and added the signers, send the invitation by clicking on Save document and Send invitations. If you will also sign the document yourself, you can sign it right away.

Monitoring the signing process

In Open invitations, you can see the status of the documents waiting to be signed.

This view will show both the documents sent by you and those that are visible to you based on your access rights. You can send reminders to everyone who has not yet signed or to individual invitees, when necessary. You may also cancel the invitations to sign for a specific document.


Each signed and unsigned document uploaded to the service can be found under Document archives. Via Document archives, you can download the documents on your desktop and delete unsigned documents.

Received invitations

If you have received several invitations, you can sign several documents at the same time and only identify yourself once. Go to Received invitations where you can directly move on to sign the document of your choice.

Read more about using the service in the support portal.

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