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The steps of digital signing

Regardless of content, the lifecycle of a document is always the same:

Preparation -> Signatures -> Processing the signed document -> Archiving


A digital document can be created with office software, such as MS Office or LibreOffice, via CRM or ERP software, or based on an electronic form filled in by the signer on a web browser. A document needs to be saved as a PDF file in order to sign it digitally.

The document to be signed will be moved to the signature service on a browser or directly through the API between different systems.


The document is signed when conducting business online, for example after filling in an electronic form. Where there are several signers, the document is signed via the invitation received via e-mail or SMS.

The invitee will read the document online and then sign it. The signers do not need to register for the service, and signing a document is always free. Documents can be signed with all modern browsers, operating systems and devices. If the signer requires support, they can call, message or chat with an expert from the signature service.

Processing a signed document

The finished document can be sent to the signers via e-mail or to a data system of your choice via the API or file transfer. The signed document will be stored in the document archives of the signature service for seven years, and it will be visible to both the inviter and the signers.

Depending on the document’s contents, the signed document may be processed in customer service or order processing, or it may be sent to be processed by the inviter. Documents related to different processes can be delivered to specified addresses.


The document that contains the signature markings is the original copy. It will be archived reliably for the time period required by the contract or other legal transaction in question.

The document can also be sent to other parties, such as public authorities, to be processed further. Anyone holding a copy of the document can verify the signed contents, the signers and the time of signing. This feature is free when used through the browser-based service. Organisations can also automate the verification via the API.

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