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What is a digital signature?

You no longer need to sign business documents on paper. A digital signature is a modern and legally binding way to sign contracts and documents. In addition to going paperless, digital signing also improves the customer experience, makes your business more efficient and, above all, saves you money.

A digital signature connects the document to the signer digitally. The signed document can be a PDF file or an electronic form which the signers have confirmed with their online banking codes or MobileIDs.

A digital document never needs to be printed on paper or mailed. There is also no need to scan or separately archive the signed documents. The documents can be signed immediately, regardless of time and place.

Secure and binding

With a digitally signed document, it can always be indisputably verified who signed a document, when they signed it and what they signed. The EU directive and Finnish legislation have both decreed digital signatures to be legally binding.

In addition, since the document remains in digital form for the entirety of its lifecycle, there will be fewer errors, and you will not need to search for lost documents. When you start using digital signing, you can save up to 90% of time and costs.

The greatest benefits?

The documents and processes that gain the most benefits from digital signing are the types where:

• The customer experience is disrupted when waiting on papers
• There is a large number of documents to be processed
• Signing typically causes a long delay on the process
• Professionals spend their working hours on unnecessary work
• It is particularly important to use uniform documents and avoid errors

In some cases, digitalising individual documents may be advantageous.

For example, digitalising the contract process of B2B salespersons saves enough time to make one extra sales call in a week. When a real estate agent is receiving an influx of bids, digital documents will save them hundreds of kilometres of driving from bidder to bidder. In consumer sales, the obligation to deliver the contract and the terms to the customer is fulfilled automatically with digital documents.

You should absolutely digitalise all processes where a document and a return envelope are only mailed to be signed.

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