Boost your sales with Visma Sign

A smooth customer experience and efficiency enable successful sales

Seal the deal

With Visma Sign, you can effortlessly send your customers sales-related documents to be verified and approved. The customers can sign the documents anywhere via a web browser.

Ensure an excellent customer experience

Is doing business with your company easy, modern and agile? Update your customer experience to meet modern demands and offer more digital services with Visma Sign.

Flexible and secure

You can take care of your sales with Visma Sign. Customers can review the documents in one place and sign them via a device of their choice. Everything is stored securely.

Boost your sales

Sharing and signing documents quickly boosts the most important part of sales: closing the deal. In this stage of the sales process, it is important that the customer receives the related documents to be reviewed and approved anywhere.

As the seller, you can prepare the contract, send it to be signed and monitor the sales process.

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Handle all sales-related documentation via a single service

Sales contracts

Save the time of your sales personnel and process the signatures on contracts digitally. You can get the customer’s approval immediately. In distance selling and unclear situations, the contract can be easily found in the archives.

Partnership contracts

Enable flexible co-operation A digital contract is easy to send from one party to another, and both partners get a copy of the contract.

Order confirmations

Confirm the order before the payment directly in the sales situation. The digital signature ensures both parties that the order is in accordance with the terms on which you have agreed.

Making and terminating contracts

Ensure an excellent customer experience. Offer people an effortless way to become your customer and also terminate the customer’s previous contracts. Should your customer wish to terminate their current contract, offer them a modern way to do so.

Invoicing contracts

Handle your invoicing contracts in the same place. Approve new contracts quickly, stay on top of your contracts and eventual changes and review your digital archives.

Online commerce

Identify your customers reliably online. This way, you can ensure the right customer receives the right service, and you avoid potential misuses of payment information.

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